The Village of Palm Springs: America's Great Gay Oasis! 

Deep in the heart of the California Desert lies one of America’s great treasures - a vast fertile valley that is home to fields of Spring flowers, majestic palm groves, icy mountain streams, bubbling hot springs, and an abundance of plants and wildlife (not to mention year-round sunshine).

This magical place, the site of an ancient sea, was discovered thousands of years ago by the ancestors of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, who made it their home. Today, the valley remains home to the descendants of these early people. It is also home to another great American treasure...the star-kissed village of Palm Springs.


Go to the (Gay) West!

City is gay-friendly

 . Palm Springs has been a mecca for gay vacationers from the very beginning. Hollywood types, searching for a place to let their hair down, found respite (and a haven) in Palm Springs. And that included the boys with boyfriends, and the girls with girlfriends.

To say the city is gay-friendly is an understatement. There are few places in the world where gay travelers will feel as much at home as in Palm Springs. The graciousness and hospitality of the community is apparent from the moment you arrive. Here, more than anywhere else, gay men and women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can gather to relax, party and play.

The city (and the United States Census) estimates that somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of Palm Springs' permanent population is gay and/or lesbian. The LGBT community is represented at practically every level of city government, is both active and visible in the local business community, and is actively supported by the entire community. 

Palm Springs was one of the first California communities to approve and implement a domestic partnership registry, and one of the first to begin performing gay weddings. It is also home the America’s first and only Gay Veterans' Memorial.

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