Gay Weddings have resumed in California!

As of June 28, 2013, the ban on gay marriage in California officially ended, and the State of California resumed issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. It was an historic day for us here in California, and a huge milestone for our Country.

Couples from anywhere in the nation can come to California to get married, because California has no residency requirement. You simply come to California, get your marriage certificate, and get married. There's no waiting. No complicated delays. And no obstacles.

Stephen and I were lucky enough to get married on our twenty fifth anniversary in 2008, when same sex marriages were legal for that short period of time.

I also got ordained in 2008 so I could perform marriages for friends and guests. We held a number of marriages here at the Triangle Inn Palm Springs in 2008, and have already begun to assist with marriages again. We are thrilled be be able to help.

Our Inn is large enough to accommodate small wedding parties, yet small enough to keep them intimate and unique. We also have the house and grounds next door, as well as a list of resources for couples looking for caterers, florists, photographers, musicians and venues.

Want more information? Here are some important details.

To get married in California, you must first obtain a valid Marriage License. Marriage Licenses may be obtained from the clerk registrarís office in any county in California within 90 days of the intended marriage date (licenses are only good for ninety days). They may be used in any county in California.

In East Riverside County (closest to Palm Springs), Marriage Licenses may be obtained at:

Office of the County Clerk
Palm Desert
38-686 El Cerrito Road
Palm Desert, CA 92211


Marriage Licenses: Monday thru Friday, 8am-4pm

Monday thru Thursday - 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
County Clerk-Recorder (760)863-8732 or 1-800-696-9144 if dialed from within County.

There are two types of marriage licenses available in the state of California: Public and Confidential. Public Marriage Licenses are the most common, and the ones most people are familiar with. Public Marriage Licenses create a public record and allow anyone access to your marriage information now and in the future.

The other type of California Marriage License is a Confidential Marriage License. Confidential Marriage Licenses are only available to couples over the age of 18 who have been living together for at least one year. They create a private record of marriage that is only accessible by either party in the marriage or by court order. The records are sealed now and in the future. Access, for anyone other than the couple (including children) requires a court order.

To obtain a public Marriage License, the couple must:

The County Clerk's office issues marriage licenses Monday thru Friday (except holidays) from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Licenses are valid for 90 days and may be used in any county in the State of California.

To obtain a marriage license you must meet the following requirements:

• Both parties MUST be 18 years of age or older. If one or both parties are under 18, then a court order for the minor must be obtained before a license can be issued. This applies to emancipated minors as well. The minor must bring the original court order.

• Both parties MUST come into the office TOGETHER to obtain the marriage license.

• Both parties MUST have a valid, current picture I.D. The I.D. must be government issued. Some examples include: State issued Drivers License or I.D. card; Military I.D.; Green Card; Naturalization Certificate; Passport.

• If either party has been divorced or has had a dissolution of a State Registered Domestic Partnership within 90 days of the issuance of the marriage license, a copy of the FINAL Dissolution IS REQUIRED. We will take a copy of the register of actions showing the written final decree of dissolution has been entered. The divorce paperwork does not need to be certified. A copy of a Minute Order IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Once a public marriage license is issued, the ceremony must be performed within the State of California.

For additional information, please contact any one of the County Clerk's office locations during regular business hours.

Obtaining a Confidential Marriage License:

When a confidential license is issued for a marriage, the marriage record will be maintained as Confidential.

ONLY the married couple may obtain copies of the marriage certificate, EXCEPT by order of the Superior Court.

PLEASE NOTE: The office of the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder strongly advises that a Public marriage license be issued except in those instances where the confidentiality of the marriage date is important.

It has been our experience that complications frequently arise when copies are requested and can ONLY be issued to the married couple.

To obtain a confidential marriage license you must not only meet the requirements for a Public marriage license, you must also meet the following requirements:

• Both parties must be 18 years of age or older.

• Both parties must swear in writing that they have already been living together.

• The marriage ceremony may be performed ONLY in Riverside County.

Once a confidential marriage license is issued, the ceremony must be performed within the County of Riverside. For additional information, please contact any one of the County Clerk's office locations during regular business hours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to make an appointment with the County Clerk to secure your marriage license, please call (760) 863-8732.

Need additional help planning your California wedding?
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